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Poems by Nurduran Duman
translated from the Turkish
by Andrew Wessels

Praise for Semi Circle

“It’s lucky for the Anglophone world that the beautifully wrought poems of Nurduran Duman made passage to poet-translator Andrew Wessels. Acutely aware of the limitations of language to represent what can actually be seen and said, Duman’s poems instead present a world unavailable without her. Here you will find the poet’s mediation with what is called ‘the outside’ world seined throughout with that which is called the “inside world,” that place of consciousness only the truly gifted can offer with clarity. Wessels’ translations luminously capture the troubled, moral effort of Duman’s poetic project. In case you had forgotten, or indeed if you had never known, Duman will remind you: ‘the person who plants the growing trees mixes himself with the infinite.’ No one in any language goes further than that.”